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Friday, 30 September 2016

Weigh-In Update

I gained 0.5 lb last night.

I'm ok with that. In fact I'm pretty happy about it! Considering the weekend of booze and desserts and Zizzi's that i had :)

Back on plan now and I'm aiming to lose 1.5 lbs next week.

I'm still on track for my first mini goal (as per THIS POST). I've got 4 lbs to lose in 6 weeks, so totally doable if I knuckle down.

One thing that should help this, is that I'm doing Sober October! Indulging in too much prosecco always ends up with me eating like crap, so cutting it out for a while should help.

Is anyone else doing Sober October? If you sign up then you can get your friends to sponsor you and raise some dosh for Macmillan Cancer Support, which is a great cause. You can sign up here:

If you're not up for doing it yourself but want to donate, you can sponsor me via the button on my sidebar to the right, even if it's just a £ or 2.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.
Sal xXx

Friday, 23 September 2016

Weigh-in and some exciting new vegan stuffs!

First things first, last week was awful and I ended up having a bit of a heavy weekend because of it. Plus it was star week (HATE that term!) so I was expecting a gain. I did 3 sp/no syn days to try and claw back a maintain and was actually down half a lb, so YAY.

Onto the good stuff.

It seems like every day I'm reading about some exciting new vegan item being released, which is awesome.

This week I found one of the new Quorn offerings; the breaded fillets. I worked these out on the syn calc as 3 each, as they're not on syns online yet. That sounds about right to me, as they're bigger than the burgers which are 2 each.
Pic from Quorn's website

I thought they were good. Ignore my terrible photo but this is them cooked. I had it with mushies and mashed potatoes. After 3 sp days, it was frigging GREAT to have some taters. I dunno how anyone does a low carb / no carb diet. That to me would be hell. haha

How did you get on this week?

I also picked up the new Alpro ice cream, but haven't tried that yet. Watch this space....

Have an awesome weekend.
Sal xXx

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Recipe - Easy Vegan Lentil Curry (SP Friendly)

Remember the curry I posted about recently? No probably not, but either way, it looked like this...

And here is link to the recipe video for it. 

Hope you enjoy and if you do, please subscribe to my youtube channel, as I have lots of ideas for videos to go on there.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

Sal xXx

Friday, 16 September 2016

Weigh in and new Linda McCartney vegan items (syns)

This week has not been a good one, my beautiful cat passed away on Wednesday and I am devastated. Somehow though, I managed to stay on plan, when in the past I'd have run straight for the chocolate / wine!

Anyway, at weigh-in last night (I didn't stay for the meeting for once) I was down 1.5 lbs. Making a total of 10 lbs in 6 weigh ins.

So I am confident that I'll get to my 1 stone by my fiance's birthday, which was my first mini-goal, as per my last post.

On another note, there's been some new offerings from Linda McCartney out recently, I found these in Morrisons. (Not my pictures, taken from the LM site.)

I work the syns out (using the SW syn calculator) as 2.5 per 100g of the chicken (or 6.5 for the whole bag and 3 syns per 100g of the duck (or 8.5 for the whole bag). But I don't have official SW confirmation of that yet (will update here when it's confirmed). I should note that worked out the syns per 100g, someone on the vegan slimming world facebook group worked out the syns for the whole bag.

Also they have brought out some new sausages that are vegan, Chorizo & Red Pepper flavour which look to be 0.5 syns each and also a Beef Burrito mix, which someone worked out as 4.5 syns for half the bag or 200g.

Has anyone tried any of the new items yet? I have no idea what to do with the chicken and duck, so they're still sat in my freezer haha.

Have an awesome weekend.

Sal xXx

Monday, 12 September 2016

Belated Weigh-In / Update

Thursday night I was down 1 lb, making a total of 8.5 lbs lost, by my 5th weigh in.

I don't have any plans for the next week or two, so I have no excuse for not losing at both of my next weigh-ins.

So I decided to set myself some mini goals, to see if it will keep me on track.

1 - I have a skirt that has never fitted me; I want to fit in that by December.

2 - I want to get my 1 stone award by my fiance's birthday in November.

3 - I want to get my club 10 award by Christmas (that's 13 lbs in 15 weeks, totally doable!)

What are your current goals / mini goals?

Have an awesome week everyone
Sal xXx

Friday, 2 September 2016

What I ate yesterday (SP Day) and weekly weigh in

Weigh in: 2 lbs lost YAY! That means I lost the 1.5 lbs I put on last week, plus a cheeky extra half pound. Yippee.

So how about a little food diary?? I had a bit of a heavy weekend, well one day anyway (as I mentioned in my previous post) so I'm doing a couple of SP days this week. Here's what I ate on Wednesday.

2 x small wholemeal slices of bread (HEB) with strawberry jam (1 syn)
125ml/half a cup of Alpro plain yogurt with coconut (0.5 syn)
Some grapes

Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf*

This was super easy; I just cooked an onion and a few sliced, large white mushrooms in frylight. Then I soaked a good handful of dried mushrooms. I added around 120g (about 1/2 a cup) of dry quinoa to the pan and then added the dried mushrooms, their soaking water (plus a bit extra water to make it up to 1 cup) and added a veggie stock cube. I also added a chopped roasted red pepper (from a jar).

I let this cook around 20 minutes, until the quinoa was cooked, adding a bit more water where needed. I checked the seasoning and it was ready to go into a tupperware to bring to work. I ate it cold.

I also had some more grapes.

Wheaty Space Bar (3 syns) 

Lentil chickpea curry with more wholemeal bread (my second HEB). I used 1/2 a cup of soya yogurt in this so it's 0.5 syns for the whole recipe, and I ate about half of it. But I'm counting it as 1/2 a syn for today.

I actually filmed the making of this curry so look out for a recipe post coming very soon!

Chocolate orange rice cake (4 syns)
1 teaspoon of orange spice choc shot (1 syn) in some warm soymilk (HEA)

This is the brand of rice cakes - I get them in Sainsburys or Waitrose from the Free From aisle :)

So I finished the day on 10 syns.

Hope you're having an awesome week. Have you weighed in yet this week? How'd you do?

Sal xXx

* I may have messsed up as not sure if you are meant to have quinoa on an SP day? However, I always thought of it as a protein and not just a grain, so hopefully it's ok.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Ice Lollies!

OK so I know it's now September which means technically Summer is about done... but hopefully we'll have a bit of warm weather still. Also, I like ice cream all year round so maybe someone will find this useful. Here are some syn values for some awesome vegan lollies.

Not my pics by the way... they're taken from google.

Fruit Pastille Lolly - 2.5 syns

Coconut Collaborative Coco Nutters - 5 syns

Smooze Simply Coconut - 5.5 syns

Smooze Mango, Guava or Pineapple - 3.5 syns
I think the packaging may have changed since this pic!

Valsoia Ice Cream Sandwiches - 5.5 syns

Swedish Glace Strawberry Dessert - 6 syns

Tesco Free From Toffee and Vanilla Cones - 7.5 syns

Tesco Free From Strawberry Cones - 10.5 syns

Tesco Goodness Rocket Lollies - 8.5 syns
There's other rocket lollies too but calories/syns do vary!

Waitrose LoveLife Calorie Controlled Mango & Raspberry Fruit Sorbet Lollies - 2.5 syns

Del Monte Mango Smoothie Ice Lollies - 5 syns

R Whites Lemonade Ice Lollies - 3 Syns

Calippo Orange (105ml) - 5 syns

I will be adding to this list as and when I grocery shop / find more options :)

What's your favourite ice lolly / ice cream? Let me know so I can add it on.

Sal xXx